Sunday, 21 February 2010

Port Louis/luis hamlet, mt.pleasent airport, goose-green falklandia-malvina islands

some picture-photos-fotos from around the malvina-falkland islands.

some interesting-colored birds exist there including the ones that walk-upright on two -legs called penguins that-like the frigid zones (aquatic flighless fisher-bird). they have orange feet too!. the local swans have black-necks and heads (which is unusal).

It is rainy and cold so take good warm water-proofs. this includes hats, gloves and the event of invasion obey the local milita directions and orders and any signs they bother to put up. Avoid national-politial sigils unless you like imate food-stuffs (but there is a book in it after). This will just sustain you though the days of military attempts at cups of tea.

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