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Falklands-Malvinas Oil Field dispute

south-atlantic falklands-malvinas islands & oil well.
(off the coast of Argentina).

3 feb al jez... 17 feb oil row....
fuck the UN.
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner defended her decision to place stronger controls on navigation and shipping within the Malvinas Islands and called on the United Nations to force the United Kingdom to come through on negotiations over the sovereignty of that territory.

During a rally held in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Merlo, the president said that the United Kingdom has "systematically misunderstood" the UN resolutions and that "they have rejected the idea of sitting down" for negotiation."Bueonos argentina.

.2009 it was a war for oil.

Desire oil rig..."

Feb 15 (Reuters) - Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd (FOGL.L) said it agreed with Desire Petroleum Plc (DES.L) to contract a rig to drill the first ever well in the East Falklands Basin.

The AIM-listed oil and gas explorer said it expected the drilling to start within the first half of 2010."

falkland oil and gas website.

Oil-Rig tensions. "

A rig, the Ocean Guardian, is due to arrive by mid-February and will almost immediately begin drilling for hydrocarbon deposits 100 miles north of the archipelago.

Geological surveys suggest there could be up to 60bn barrels beneath the seabed around the British territory, a bonanza that would transform islands famed for sheep, fish and remoteness.

"The rig won't come into sight of Port Stanley unfortunately, it'll be out too far," said Phyll Rendell, the islands' director of mineral resources. "But everyone knows it's coming."

A British company, Desire Petroleum, has hired the rig to drill prospects in the North Falkland basin and will later lease it to two other British companies and an Australian one – Rockhopper, and Falklands Oil and Gas; and BHP Billiton – which also have exploration contracts. They will use the rig in rotation throughout 2010.

It will be the first drilling in Falkland waters since Shell suspended exploration in 1998 after oil prices slumped to $12 a barrel."

Buenos aires herald article.... Deseret News. "

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina's president issued a decree Tuesday seeking to control all shipping to and from the Falkland Islands, escalating her fight with Britain over drilling for oil and gas in the South Atlantic.

Cristina Fernandez's order doesn't stop at shipping for the oil industry: It applies to any boat going to or from the islands, which Argentina refers to as the Malvinas."

Buenos aires herald....;

"Vice-Chancellor Victorio Taccetti explained today that Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana would try to make the Río group release a statement demanding the British government to abide by UN resolutions, and assured that "any decision the President makes is part of Argentina's defence over the Malvinas sovereignty."

"Many times we've asked other Latin-American countries for help and they've always been there for us," he explained.

Taiana is to meet other Foreign Ministers of the Río group in Mexico today and tomorrow, and under orders of President Fernández de Kirchner, he will work for a joint statement from them demanding UN resolutions regarding the Malvinas be followed by the British government."

UK Prepared over falklands. BBC. "

The Ministry of Defence has denied reports a naval taskforce is on its way to the Falklands.

The Sun newspaper reported up to three ships were to join the islands' regular patrol vessel.

BBC defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt understands the destroyer HMS York and the oil supply tanker RFA Wave Ruler are in the area, as well as HMS Clyde, which is permanently based there.

However, the MoD said Britain already had a permanent naval presence in the South Atlantic as well as more than a thousand military personnel on the islands"
nothing to to with belly-buttons after all...

Merco. plans of disruption of drilling.

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