Monday, 1 February 2010

Masiah's Department 12 Raising the Dead (work in progress)

A quick look at the more controversial Messiahanic Departments.
Masiah Dept.12 Raising the Dead.
With The Office of Chief Necromancer and necromantic peoples' soviet.

To include paramedic team and corrupt coroners office and useful doctors for certifying the dead - yess very useful individuals for what Masiah has in mind...

Due to the... err... goth cemetary part of the department's work, cohanim are not permitted to be agents of this Department of his Royal Masiahhood.

Obviously a work in progress there.

John Dee... born 1527, British Royal Necromancer and Wizard.
Kelley began as an apothecary who had alchemical leanings and searched for theories regarding the manufacture of gold. Kelley was also a necromancer, a person who raised the dead for the purposes of prediction and divination. It was rumoured that Kelley dabbled frequently in the black arts, but Dee sternly told Kelley to concentrate on conversations with Angels and not Devils. "

Messianic Defence League.....

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