Saturday, 27 February 2010

Election Spoof Posters (Hoax)

Welcome to the future of politics!

more hoax election posters.

Tory-Con blank poster...

why spoof and hoax posters are ok; BBC....
"In 2003, it said spoof websites were an acceptable part of the democratic debate as long as they were clearly identifiable as such and did not seek to deceive the voters."

English made easy!
The Electoral Commission says candidates' websites should include details of who published the material as "a matter of good practice" but they are not required by law to do so."

"Election leaflets must include a named individual to prevent foul play - but there are no such laws on the internet.
The elections watchdog has told the BBC it does not have the resources to scour the internet for malicious videos."!

well honesty is not deception (this is unclear in the media and politics and with psychology students). the word acceptable is understood in the context of 'it being ok'.

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