Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Clock-ticking Northern-Ireland (hulk-wreck of empire)

Daily Mail. 800 lb bomb.
big bomb explodes next to Newry Courthouse, Northern Ireland. miricle no one-killed.

Guardian (garda). 250 lb bomb.

regardless, only 2 to 3 lb is needed to wreck a car.

"Two young soldiers were shot dead
as they collected pizzas outside Massereene Barracks in County Antrim.(Rira)

Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey were killed just hours before they were due to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The Real IRA was blamed for this attack.

Within 48 hours a policeman, Stephen Carroll, was shot dead in Craigavon.[Cira)

He was the first police officer to be murdered in Northern Ireland since 1998."

BBC timeline of 'dissident' irish republicanism 2009-2010.

Regardless, the centuary aniverserty looms as a dark spectre over 2016 and 2021 when the demographics begin to deliver for the irish vote fraction over the British Empire vote fraction.

other news. Dogs of Diana.

after recieving calls of bullying by the british PM from staff, government ministers bully and discret head of anti-bully charity (bully; ie slander, intimidation, harassment, assault, consipiracy to murder; ianna) NBH organisation. such behaviour is criminal under law - & so lawful administrations.

"Government criticism of the head of an anti-bullying charity morphed into an outright personal attack today when Christine Pratt was mocked by a minister as a “prat of a woman”.

The founder of the National Bullying Helpline has faced a concerted campaign to discredit her and her organisation since claiming that staff at No 10 had asked for help to flight bullying at work.

Phil Woolas, the Immigration minister, launched the most aggressive attack yet while suggesting that she would be regretting her actions. “It’s a tough business, politics. It’s 18, 20 hours a day that people like the Prime Minister work,” he told LBC, a London radio station.

“I think this attack on him by this prat of a woman down in - where’s she from, Swindon? - I think that’s backfiring on her.""

Basically the immigration minister of Gorden Brown, though not his usual types for abuse, has been drafted in to call her a Slag. This has gone some distance into exhonurating the PM from the violence and cruelty allegations by senior civial servants, ( whos bosses were forced to take action), at least among the gullible british population... who are after all the voters.

the british and english have been warned that she is against child-baiting and child-rape as well.... ignore that at your peril!

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