Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Afghan No greater love; Dutch Govt Collapse for USA policy; Nato slays 27 civis to boost Taliban govt

Afghanistam woes:
Afghan USA puppet Khazai takes over election watch dog dissident disloyalists to fill it with cronies who will behave themselves in public!

Nato slaughters 27 civilians in Dutch administered area of Afghanistan to boots taliban... fucking afgans want NATO to leave the country! whos fucking country do they think it is! prude-capitalism knows....

USA human-sacrificed 1000 so far. of their own. their god/goddess not yet satisfied
Afghan cabinet condems NATO...
was 33 dead but 6 resurected from the dead by the magic of Jesus..... happens all the time...
blue ridge: afgan nato airstrike might have killed civilians.... unless they is found to be n*****s,

dutch government collapses over failed troop withdrawl.... what now over the evil anti-islamics party formerly exluded from invading muslim lands?

how following american-policy and cfr dinner-bribes-away against stated-orders lost the dutch-nederlander coalition-government for the frastian-pact-making Christian-Democrats. Time magazine.

other news:
Al Q guy pleads guilty to trying to slaughter New York.... (as failing here was a crime but allah understands, USA doesnt). mitigation?; he tried his hardest!!
Gorden Brown PM denies Bullying Afghanistan with bombs...
(not yet uk state-employees... good case there)

party for freedom. english....dutch-nederlander... italians said they would go if anyone else did... so that was a lie? (a bit like the pizza topping you ordered)

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