Thursday, 18 February 2010

Oil Bank Robbers in the south seas (near Argentina)

Or how to rob the bank of Argentina...

Falklands-Malvinas Night-life tips. They welcome all.
Just as well.

Falkands-Malvinas Warnings and Dangers - people tips. other than a possible war zone, there are mine-fields and the unexpected Sea-Lions (in local jargon called Lions) which are quite dangerous... people dont realise.

19th Feb 2010. Daily Mail uk...
Couldnt send a task force to the Falklands again....
We are also down to one effective aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious. Unfortunately, its pilots and Harrier GR9 bombers are now stationed almost permanently in Afghanistan. The Sea Harriers that proved so useful in the Falklands have long since gone to the scrapheap.

In fact, the Navy has so few available planes that they had to ask the U.S. Marine Corps for some of theirs, just to provide Illustrious's crew with a bit of practice.

But the figures are grim wherever you look. We had 320,000 armed forces personnel in 1982; now we have 188,000. And with so many serving in theatres around the world, where would we now muster the thousands of elite troops it took to win the 1982 conflict?

And so it goes on. In 1982, we had 17 destroyers and sent eight to the Falklands. Now we have only seven - and many of them are engaged in policing waters elsewhere."

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