Sunday, 21 February 2010

East-Falkland and West-Falkland, Malvinas isles/Falklands

East-Falkland is the inhabited zone (as much as the islands are)
with the eastern deep-water port of Stanley haveing 2000 of the 3000 islanders resident ie 2/3. (excluding the 500-1000 british military 20 miles south-west at mount pleasent-ish air-port but that is where the dancing girls are!).

There are even around 5 bars in Port Stanley, which is not a bad effort. This includes the Globe Tavern and others... (the dyke bar was the Tongue in Groove). One easily missed hut doubles as a night club (dinos)...

Globe, dinos/deanos day bar-night club, Rose (meeting locals), Gull and Penguin (MPA) CSE 6ths month show (civil servents wear what they like) lower-naafi, Trough (possibly with Fighting Pig Band if you are lucky) bring your own drinks (its ok the chief of police is a band member)...11:45 pm start ie late, no dress code.

"Walk up hill from the main jetty past the Globe Tavern on your left, take the next right and follow the road to the next junction where you will find Deano's"
[this means jetty-inland west, globe-tavern north)
the tip data link..

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