Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Getting the fuck out of your country... Deseret-Utah? Sie Aztalan ok?

They got the fuck out of america for their safety and religious freedom and also the freedom of ...umm...(yo techi the not allowed thing?) right yeah, speach ... soo its only fair your get the fuck out of their country right?

counter westboro baptist-calvinist church YOUTUBE protest by punks and USA types.

Mexico-Aztalan state of Deseret WIKI INFO. Sie! good ideas gringo!
Deseret Liberation Organisation. wiki..

US Smarmy song again by Westboros.... a real anti-war song..finally....
Utah saints song somethinggood. 08 techi...youtube..
but better older versions... CLASSIC!!

cascadia independance state but... Aztalan? wiki data. State of Cascadia pitch.

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