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Garbage Disposal : Closing Bars and Churches UK

End of the Bad Places?
Mass garbage disposal of problem 'community' places.

Type A: Bar-Pub.
cost of UK pint to hit £4, mirror. 2008.
£4 barrier this year because of rapidly rising production costs.

Brewers say an increase in the price of raw materials such as malted barley, hikes in the cost of metal used in storage barrels and increases in transport fuel have combined to make the rise inevitable.

The British Beer and Pub Association said the £4 pint would hit London first - but then spread across the country."

£5 a pint in UK pubs come the 2012 London Olympics....

" Britain currently has the highest rate of beer tax in the EU, with the taxman receiving 80p in duty and tax for every pint sold in a pub. [This is not high enough 7 billion tax as another £8 billion is needed because of, and a possible 6.4 billion for buisnesses ie 160p or even 240p]

A new survey has also revealed that 62% of pub goers blame the Government for high pub beer prices."

"The average price of a pint of real ale is currently £2.59 whilst lager costs £2.82".

article; rate of pub closures slowing, star and echo. (It would; customer redirection and collection)."Caught in a squeeze between a consumer spending slump, due to the recession and rising tax bills, big pub companies have been selling off hundreds of their unprofitable hostelries.

While some are snapped up by smaller pub chains, others have been levelled for redevelopment. The latest survey from the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) reveals 2,365 pubs closed in 2009.

By the second half of the year pub closures had slowed to 39 a week from 52 a week in the first six months, but it still meant the closure of 1,103 pubs and the loss of more than 10,000 jobs between July and December.

There are now 52,500 pubs in Britain – well down on the 58,600 pubs operating when the Licensing Act came into force in 2005.

Wolverhampton-based pub and brewing chain Marston’s has closed 400 pubs over the last three years, leaving it with a 2,177-strong estate employing 12,000 people. It has announced plans for 60 bigger new pubs, concentrating on food, over the next three years."

Closed pubs pictures, flicker photo-fotos.
Closed pubs-bars UK location index, lost pubs; strangly organized in pre-1974 geological zones. figures. welcome to the 21st Cen by the way guys.
We now have 9,680 lost pubs listed'

Type B cult Churches.Closures:
Times article feb 2010;
The first mosques in Britain opened at the end of the 19th century but by 1961 there were just seven mosques, three Sikh temples and one Hindu temple in England and Wales, compared with nearly 55,000 Christian Churches.

Sometimes, with denominations such as the Methodists split into three types, there could be as many as seven or eight churches in one small town to cater for Roman Catholics, Anglicans and different groups of Protestants.

By 2005 the number of churches had fallen to 47,600. According to the organisation Christian Research, another 4,000 are likely to go in the next 15 years.

In the Church of England alone, which still has 16,000 churches, 1,700 have been made redundant since 1969.

Over the same period, the number of mosques in Britain has grown to almost the number of Anglian churches that have closed. The Islamic website Salaam records a total of 1,689 mosques."...

Methodist churches, down from 14,000 in 1932 to 6,000, and closing at the rate of 100 a year, are often sold with no restrictive covenant attached."...

The space is recycled, sometimes the building too.
fuck it, the internet allows like-minded people to connect.

...the rise of the customer service skills and increased urban living helps 'new person' interaction (rather than the rural stranger mentality).
There is also health and safety and crime-avoidence issues.

wholey inappropriate song. Erika. german. boom boom.
more a stripers song, used by the elite combat force of WW2. figures.
New Order; True Faith song. also youtube . english.

Type A: Bar; pubs ; 52,500 pubs/646 parli-constit =
52 500 / 646 = 81.2693498
ie: 81 pub-bars per parli-constit/MP. this is a lot. 2,3,5, 10 for you lot maybe 20?

Type B: cult; Churches ; 47 600 churches / 646 parliament constituencies = 73.6842105 ie: 74 churches per parli-constit/MP. this is a lot. 2, 3, 5, 10 for you maybe 20?

these could be: Urban Centre - centred. the average number of voters in each constituency is approximately 68,500.

anti-human frigid-temple-whore cult sings sunshine. (sun-god legitamizer of all faiths). iannic
dont wanna be a mormon then dont be a lesser morman 'non-morman' joke. try slut... the goddess aphrodite of ;the goddesses; loves you then!
anti-human cult sings silent night. same. iannic

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