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King David's Palace and how he conqured the world in 970 bc

King David's fabled palace of renoun*, a masiah-messiah king of Judah Israel in around 970 bc (they made the date up incase you wondered).

After Elhanan slew Goliat; King David, a harpist and psalmist, took the rightful* credit for slaying her.

King David's account of his Conquering the world from the royal harem.
David begins his conquest with the Philistines to his west. He takes "Metheg Amma" from the Philistines, which probably means "bridle of the mother" or "mother city" and by controlling the bridle, controls the nation.[26] This may have been Gath.[27][28] [There was no such city in the Filistine Pentapolis, so this victory was an easy one]. He subdues the Moabites to the east (Jordan), then turns north to fight Hadadezer of Zobah, establishing a garrison at Damascus;[29] [In Assyria-Syria] finally conquering the Edomites to his south.[30][31][32] [north Arabia] This conquest figuratively extends his conquest to the four corners of the earth* and extends his lands to those promised to Abraham in the Book of Genesis[31][32] The Moabites pay tribute to David; David takes gold shields from Hadadezer[33] and bronze from his cities. Another local ruler, Toi of Hamath, hears about David's conquest of Hadadezer and sends tribute to David for delivering his nation from Hadadezer.[26] The bronze taken from the conquest was used in the building of Solomon's Temple (built by David's son), particularly in casting the sea of Bronze, which sat on the back of twelve bulls, which represented the sea of nations born by the twelve tribes of Israel."

King David was said to be good at spinning a song as a bard with his fabled harp.
He takes credit for the creation of the book of Psalms*. link wiki data.
In various biblical passages, David is referred to as “the favorite of the songs of Israel,”[48] the one who soothed Saul with music,[49] and the founder of Temple singing.[50][51] A Psalms scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls (11QPsa) attributes 3600 tehilim (songs of praise) plus other compositions to David.[52] Seventy-three of the 150 Psalms in the Bible are attributed to David.[53] [That is a lot of Psalms] The supreme kingship of Yahweh is the most pervasive theological concept in the book of Psalms,[54][55] and many psalms attributed to David are directed to Yahweh by name,[56] whether in praise or petition, suggesting a relationship with her.[57"
These siren songs did not sit well with the Prophet Samuel who was not so easily fooled.

*according to King David.

Psalm 27, of David, hebrew. english subtitiles. youtube.
Psalm 23, hijacked from Baal the Shephard.
This is "the Psalm that started it all". It is the very first track of Haïk-Vantoura's work that I ever heard, in the spring of 1982. Its wholly natural, pastoral feel and minor-key setting -- a far cry from the sentimentalized pastoral feel and major-key setting of so many English renditions of this Psalm".
Psalm 19. more typical of David's compositions...
psalm 30. ...yawn yet another Psalm 16.
ישיבת מעלה אדומים באמירת "לדוד מזמור" מול מקום המקדש.

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