Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shrine of the True Virgin Diana, Shes..Virgin...

Not her testimony but those of others say.
and what others say is soo important to the slaves.
or they would not be slaves.
abd means slave. remember this.

Your words, not hers.

he wants, she wants; but i want. i win... I AM Goddess...

of the goddesses, sister of venus. Huntress, moon cycle, smell her blood. Its yours!
A world to enslave!

The All-Mistress's idol is feared, because she is more than a tree or a rock. More even than a sculpure of human hands. 'For it is of no insignificance; it is of the Divine Diana'; time shall reveal.

kate bush running up that hill music. Diana doesnt chase; you are brought to her by those you trusted ; and you cannot out-run her hyksos composite-bow....alive...perhaps it is so.

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