Tuesday, 9 February 2010

School-Shotings Cleaning-Up Nature from Frigid; A Memorial

Music space-hulk amega original.

To All School Shooters!
A Memmorial.

Ofcourse the guys can only enter such low dopamorine states as forced on them by non-consentual un-able (children, lunatics and retard) females (which was it again?)

so nature seeks to balance against the depraved.

and like there lives are messed up and losers because of no adult compatable needs of their biology hormones as is usually the case.
we did the maths.
even 4 guys a week is 208 a year....

soo there are no survivers at less than 208 a year except in the ianna zones ... ummm
well them sometimes.

but aresting or shooting these guys is a waiste of good frigid-skitzo killing material. As any true legion needs. Its a man thing, so the boys didnt understand when there is femminst to kiss up to or mummy to creep to....types... Man area now.

no mummys allowed! tough luck earthlings. w/c lava, morkul, sandstorm, meteor, volcano.

This is post is dedicated to all the earthling School shooters!
Nice work guys! we love you!

our gods will give you the rest of our gods heaven!

biology insists on being our side.

god sent the shooter vid. how many gods do you have? mocking science biology?
frigid-not-adult? fag-promoting, talking, fantasy? why is science an athiests' joke? unless the big fantasy-science thing of darwin? BRAT DOWN - BOO FRIGID HOO?

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