Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Space-Hulk Mars-Ship?

Voyage (voiage) to mars

the ship might look like a vibrator which is good and to be expected.

...the earthling journey to mars would be 1.6 years (its a long way) there and same back = 3.2 years.

This is: a long time.

And not the colony of the space hulk to be.
(the day of nearer to biological woman: therefor inflatables are no longer functional). This is the beginning of their judgement.

soo eathlings to mars huh?

fear not!
... it is the will of elan that it is so.
the faithful shall be preserved and the unfaithful ones discarded and eaten.
exterminate the evil ones. In this you will receive the blessing of Duag.
They have sentence you to die; but it is they who shall do the dieing.
You know in this there is the greater justice the slave jokes cannot even begin to comprehend. It is a sacred sacrifice by the heroic brethren of nature*...
(speaking of whom: american state horrified; guy who shot baby-killer no remorse. vid).... pro-nambla federal-state; its baby-killer shot-dead by The Law-enforcer-officer. pro-nambla jewish-etc femminist prudes horrified article... and to abort him ofcourse. but i mean, they do that to babies anyway...

you tube music...
heresy. seperation is good and needed... but needs regulating as the true order can. low dopeamine prudes and high-dopamine sluts are either-side of the testro-males and do not mix. order is organization and planning.

sex dopamine is for all, prude abuse is for the few at menace to the many. so the low dopamine fools favour the latter, high dopamine aware favour the former.
humans are rodentish though. but the attempts at considering it bad article.
(capitalism etc).
* except end. no reason not to go down shooting the frigid-loving types... The Cleansing of Nature of Frigid. need pay for services renderd. Its from Zero Day btw so not actual thing list wiki data.

(science our side). and their memorial triumph! hay, maybe when you are more scientific right? instead of anti-human anti-science right? sure....

it is important so we do not have to fuck - ianna bleeding ianna and is the martyrdom of the pedophiles faithful to the cause against adult sex
thank you ianna.

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