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King Solomon's Magic Temple

King Solomon's Magic Temple.
His was a curious interpretation of the talbanacle of Moses of the wilderness israelites.

"The Temple was founded in the 4th year of Solomon's reign
(1 Kings 6:1), and occupied 7 1/2 years in building (1 Kings 6:38); the royal buildings occupied 13 years (1 Kings 7:1) - 20 years in all (the two periods, however, may in part synchronize). On the completion of the Temple, the ark was brought up, in the presence of a vast assemblage, from Zion, and, with innumerable sacrifices and thanksgiving, was solemnly deposited in the Holy of Holies (1 Kings 8:1-21; 2 Chronicles 5:1-14, 6:1-11). The Temple itself was then dedicated by Solomon in the noble prayer recorded in 1 Kings 8:22-61 and 2 Chronicles 6:12-42, followed by lavish sacrifices and a 14 days' feast. At its inauguration the house was filled with the “glory” of the Lord (1 Kings 8:10-11; 2 Chronicles 5:13-14). "

"It had its rivals in the calf-shrines set up by Jeroboam at Beth-el and Dan (1 Kings 12:25-33). In the 5th year of Rehoboam [next king after Solomon] an expedition was made against Judah by Shishak, king of Egypt, who, coming to Jerusalem, carried away the treasures of the Temple, together with those of the king's house, including the 300 shields of gold which Solomon had made (1 Kings 14:25-28; 2 Chronicles 12:2-9). Rehoboam's wife, Maacah, was an idolatress, and during the reign of Abijam, her son introduced many abominations into the worship of the Temple (1 Kings 15:2, 12-13). Asa cleared these away, but he had further depleted the Temple and royal treasuries by sending all that was left of their silver and gold to Ben-hadad, king of Syria, to buy his help against Baasha, king of Israel (1 Kings 15:18-19). Again the Temple was foully desecrated by Athaliah (2 Chronicles 24:7), necessitating the repairs of Jehoash (2 Kings 12:4, 24:4); and a new plundering took place in the reign of Ahaziah, when Jehoash of Israel carried off all the gold and silver in the Temple and palace (2 Kings 14:14). Uzziah was smitten with leprosy for presuming to enter the holy place to offer incense (2 Chronicles 26:16-20). Jehoshaphat, earlier, is thought to have enlarged the court (2 Chronicles 20:5) [to the south], and Jotham built a new gate (2 Kings 15:35; 2 Chronicles 27:3). The ungodly Ahaz went farther than any of his predecessors in sacrilege, for besides robbing the Temple and palace of their treasures to secure the aid of the king of Assyria (2 Kings 16:8), he removed the brazen altar from its time-honored site, and set up a heathen altar in its place, removing likewise the bases and ornaments of the lavers, and the oxen from under the bronze sea (2 Kings 16:10-17). "

"An earnest attempt at reform of religion was made by Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:1-6; 2 Chronicles 29:31), but even he was driven to take all the gold and silver in the Temple and king's house to meet the tribute imposed on him by Sennacherib, stripping from the doors and pillars the gold with which he himself had overlaid them (2 Kings 18:14-16; 2 Chronicles 32:31). Things became worse than ever under Manasseh, who reared idolatrous altars in the Temple-courts, made an Asherah, introduced the worship of the host of heaven, had horses dedicated to the sun in the Temple-court, and connived at the worst pollutions of heathenism in the sanctuary (2 Kings 21:3-7, 23:7, 23:11). Then came the more energetic reforms of the reign of Josiah, when, during the repairs of the Temple, the discovery was made of the unknown Book of the Law (deuteronomy), which led to a new covenant with the Lord, a suppression of the high places, and the thorough cleansing of the Temple (2 Kings 22, 23:1-25; 2 Chronicles 34; 35). Still, the heart of the people was not changed, and, as seen in the history, and in the pages of the Prophets, after Josiah's death, the old evils were soon back in full force." wiki, First Temple.

"On 16 January 2008, archaeologists found, for the first time, a Temple seal, that of the Temech family who are listed in the Book of Nehemiah as having served the Temple before the Exile and subsequently returned to Jerusalem."

It used to be customary to wait until the temple was built before looting it:
Kinti Mining Scam, Rockefeller/Susan Cohn/FrankLove -
Kinti Holdings Group (KMLD) (OTCBB: KMLD) President, Frank Love, and Director Supriem David Rockefeller, states the following, "Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict coordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Hiam Richman and The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC) and supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine. Prince Husam Bajis and the PNIC support our mission to build the Temple and to create a One Israel-Palestine state." USA CNN 29 jan 2010, and 3 feb 2010.
"Temple Institute has issued the following disclaimer:

"The Temple Institute strongly protests the use of its name and that of Rabbi Chaim Richman in a series of fraudulent press releases and advertising claims that are now circulating on the Internet.

"The Temple Institute has no relationship with Kinti Mining Group, “Supriem David Rockefeller,” Frank Love, or the “Temple Now Project.” Their claims that they “will be raising funds to go towards building the third Temple in Jerusalem in strict co-ordinance with the Temple Institute and Rabbi Hiam Richman [sp]” are malicious false and, and their apparent intentions are to take advantage of the Temple Institute’s sincere supporters and rob them of funds. The Temple Institute advises its friends and supporters to avoid being taken in by this scam. We hereby reiterate and reassure our friends and supporters that these groups and individuals are not authorized to represent the Institute, speak in its name, or to solicit or collect funds designated for the Holy Temple, in any manner whatsoever.""
- Israel National News; feb 3 2010.
soo a bit of liberal-atheist 'benovolent corporation' work to rob USA Jews and Christians there.

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