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Afghanistan 1.3 trillion minerals to Japan. and the USA's 1.3 trill to USA (Contains Adult!!)

Buddhas of Afghanistan.
"The Afghan government has commissioned Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata to recreate the Bamyan Buddhas using fourteen laser systems to project the images of the Buddhas onto the cliff where they once stood. The laser systems will be solar and wind-powered. The project, which will cost an estimated $9 million, is currently pending UNESCO approval. If approved, the project is estimated to be completed by June 2012.
In September 2005, Mawlawi Mohammed Islam Mohammadi, Taliban governor of Bamyan province at the time of the destruction and widely seen as responsible for its occurrence, was elected to the Afghan Parliament. On 26 January 2007, he was assassinated in Kabul.
Swiss filmmaker Christian Frei made a 95-minute documentary titled The Giant Buddhas (released in March 2006) on the statues, the international reactions to their destruction, and an overview of the controversy. The movie makes the controversial claim (quoting a local Afghan) that the destruction was ordered by Osama Bin Laden and that initially, Mullah Omar and the Afghans in Bamyan had opposed the destruction.[24]
In the summer of 2006, Afghan officials were deciding on the timetable for the re-construction of the statues. As they wait for the Afghan government and international community to decide when to rebuild them, a $1.3 million UNESCO-funded project is sorting out the chunks of clay and plaster — ranging from boulders weighing several tons to fragments the size of tennis balls — and sheltering them from the elements.
The Buddhist remnants at Bamyan were included on the 2008 World Monuments Watch List of the 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund."

"Then Taliban ambassador-at-large, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, said that the destruction of the statues was carried out by the Head Council of Scholars after a single Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues' heads. "...
"However, he did not comment on the claim that a foreign museum offered to "buy the Buddhist statues, the money from which could have been used to feed children."[21]
- Wiki data. Islam is being practical in the Koran, as for example is toilet paper! Few see the difference however for it is a higer-mystical one.

Afghanistan-Khazi-Govt says Japan-has-priority on $1.3 trillion mineral-find in-Afghanistan.
"Afghan President Hamid Karzai said this week that Japan -- not the U.S. -- takes priority over other nations when it comes to mining his country's vast mineral deposits.
Karzai made his proclamation during a five-day visit to Japan. Over that same time period, news reports surfaced that Afghanistan and Pakistan planned to negotiate with U.S.-NATO enemies, the U.N. reported that insurgent violence is surging, and Reuters tried to parse the Pentagon's mixed messages over U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.
During an appearance at Japan's International Institute for International Affairs, Karzai focused on his country's mineral deposits. He Pointed to Japan's status as Afghanistan's second-biggest donor, and reasoned that Japan should enjoy special access to Afghan resources with estimated values that range from $1-3 trillion dollars.
"Morally, Afghanistan should give access as a priority to those countries that have helped Afghanistan massively in the past few years," Karzai told the institute.
"What . . . we have to reciprocate with is this opportunity of mineral resources, that we must return at the goodwill of the Japanese people by giving Japan priority to come and explore and extract," Karzai said.
Looking to the future, Karzai echoed an internal Pentagon memo and said that the mining will define Afghanistan, "Whereas Saudi Arabia is the oil capital of the world, Afghanistan will be the lithium capital of the world.... And Japan is welcome to participate in the lithium exploration in Afghanistan.""

British know better (empire taught them that much).
With British fatalities in Afghanistan creeping remorselessly towards the 300 mark and Barack Obama making noises about beginning American troop withdrawals after the current offensive, the Nato powers have just been presented with a new dilemma. A report produced by the American military and the United States Geological Survey has revealed that Afghanistan is sitting on at least $1 trillion in mineral wealth. That staggering figure does not even present the full potential, since less than 70 per cent of the country was surveyed.
Officials of the Karzai government were reportedly in a state of euphoria when they announced the geological findings at a press conference. That euphoria may be misplaced. For stakes of $1 trillion it is unlikely the [the bad guys] will ever give up fighting for control of Afghanistan. Translate such riches into war materiel and the potential for global terrorism is mind-boggling. And that is on top of the revenue that would flow from an intensified opium trade. [This meaning-excludes the Taliban who suppressed opium and homosexual-pedophillia effectively]
What this means is that, unless Britain and America are prepared to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely"...
After invading 1/4 of the world and aftghanistan twice before the present, the British Empire has learnt that it is not the vanquished who own the assests, gold, women and wealth, but rather the Imperialist Conquerer and occupiers! 
A hard won insight!

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