Tuesday, 1 June 2010

(Sheyetet-13) Flotilla-13 versus Freedom Flotilla (Israelis Special-Forces Vs civis)

Shayetet -13 (flotilla 13)- wiki , YIsraeli Special-Forces. ie usa-Seals; uk-SBS.
Special-forces gunk-site. top 10ers:
"This is a Flawed Ranking. The Ranking should be based on how they have performed in actual combat situations. Not what they have advertised.

Also MI6, Army Rangers are not special forces. [MI6 are civil service!]

My Ranking would be:
[0 - Waffen SS - youtube]
1 - British SAS - World War II till today....
2 - US Navy Seals - Vietnam, Somalia, GWOT, etc.
3 - Israeli Shayetet 13 - Arab-Israeli Wars [these guys are 3rd!!? ha har!]
4 - US Delta Force - Somalia, GWOT. etc.
5 - US Green Berets - Vietnam, Somalia, GWOT, etc.
6 - Pakistani SSG - Indo-Pak Wars, Soviet-Afghan War, FATA, Swat, etc.
7 - Russian Spetnaz - Wars in Caucausus
8 - French Naval Commandos - Wars in Africa, Terrorism in France
9 - Turkish Bordo Bereliler - Kurdish Conflict
10 - Iran's Quds Force - Lebanon Wars, Iran-Iraq War, etc."

Political-Fallout over Nettys 'at all costs' mission. 'all-costs being defined capitalistic or Socialistic?'
Did Sh-13 have to radio-in to ask for permission to respond to hostiles before authorised to shoot after being deployed as a special forces? If so, why? [Self-defence ok?]

High-fatalities First! Less-Fatalities Later! [this means other-side, our-side] sophia?

Are Police-Mannat-Maynet designed to counter-civilan-hostiles or-else unable [ call in legion? ]
SpaceHulk music. youtube. 4:48 min

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