Monday, 7 June 2010

The Spirit of Captitalism - Great Diana and the silver-smiths

Great is Diana of Ephezus they said... The Diana of the Silver-smiths against the St.Peter's comrades.
 The Protestant Spirit of Capitalism. Spirit of Silver-smiths over the mear socialists! :)
The femminine heart of scripture. deep meaningful resoslution of mysteries and conflict for balance and peace. There is female ot goddess of the goddesses! She is Who She is, the Virgin Alone!
a Diana (divine one) of the Ephesians (ephesons-Epez) article. C. christian.
Gregorian agains, losing it. music; youtube.
Socialism (axis of evil) employment for all! Zero-unemployment local-national nationalist ecconomic boost. only. mearly. Data input.
Moloch not Jesus! hello! youtube song.  Amazon. pretend gods and real goddesess 101.
Know when you are a 'pretend god' or 'false god' and when you a 'real god!' The god emperors favour the gods of their wisdom or their folly but the gods endure dispite their fickle-minded showing, as though women, or those who must grovel before them.
Breeding is done with those who do not!

Sworn to Chastity, for Diana, Priestesses, would renouce their vow and open their legs and free fuck (like venus) for the new King to ensure he had projeny and possible inheritors,  which kept the cult in good favour with any tyrant or invader.
no for the poor; remember they had a vow of chasity to diana! are you an idot or something!!
Is it obvious? 

The. ahh cult of Venus at the Temple of Venus are better suited to the role, if, and IF,  they were allowed? to exist for the purpose. An irony! It equals a greater integreity-thing and mear-respect thing for the goddesses, where allowed to-be [recognized] and afferemed in image and temple. As fools [semites] are unable to do so. give my regards to the camel and mut hut!

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