Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Optical Ilusions magic; pictures; Mirage

The open eyed closed eyed females.
its a trick. 
Music - space hulk, youtube, vaguely impressive sifi atmospheric. 

although a woman cums harder though being got pregnant as is nature; The cervex cap will allow her to have normal natural cum-in-cunt sex safely! click for details, available from doctor.

Spermicidal juice from chemist (ie cream) increases effectiveness!
"A Cervical Cover is a device you insert into your vagina that fits over your cervix. Suction keeps it in place. It blocks sperm from entering the uterus and prevents fertilization. After intercourse, it should be left in place for 8 hours. Put spermicidal jellies or creams that kill sperm into the cap before inserting it into your body." You can be a woman!

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