Tuesday, 29 June 2010

WW2 ground forces at 1:1 = American USA lose to Japan (USA Intel)

USA intel reports of World War 2 (earth - Capitalist Brit-USA combine rescue of Jewish-Marxist-Leninist-USSR from Nat-Socialist Germany invasion) are that at ground-forces invasion @ ratio 1:1 USA-America Vs Japan-Nippon = USA defeat [USA sources], Japan win.

This sets the stage for cheesy american alternative methods (nukes) of forcing the nippon god-emporer to protect his people from city distructions though surrender.

But that the american-usa had a military colony in japan is itself imperialism of the american aristocracy and USA Black-Empire (ie capitalist owners).

Operation Downfall....but of who? USA or Japan? wiki data!

"On Marshall's orders, Major-General John E. Hull looked into the tactical use of nuclear weapons for the invasion of the Japanese home islands (even after the dropping of two strategic atomic bombs on Japan, Marshall did not think that the Japanese would capitulate immediately). Colonel Lyle E. Seeman reported that at least seven bombs would be available by X-Day, which could be dropped on defending forces. Seeman advised that American troops not enter an area hit by a bomb for "at least 48 hours"; the risk of fallout was not well understood, and such a short amount of time after detonation would have resulted in substantial radiation exposure for the American troops.[35]

Post Imperial-Japan, Shinto has restored to pre-Imperialist forms of popular Shintoism.

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