Tuesday, 15 June 2010

How to Make (a hidden) Heaven & Paradise with the Secret God (Qadib)

The one called Qadib is as much a deity as any other that are called gods and goddesses!
Or as little! Though the grades of favour and disfavour (favor/disfavor) so peoples hidden gods or jinni are revealed (even if they are kept blindfolded in the mind to what it is - this is dark mysticism that is good aligned and hedonist perception).

As we know Qadib, a cover name, is the diety or divine one who created free sex and integrety and peace of mind, as the other gods got carried away on the god-creation-trip  excitement and overlooked making free-sex, as is nature! So Qadib stepped in to create it for pleasure and hedonistic reasons best known to Qadib and those who do it.

Qadib also created a hidden paradise for those with points of Qadib (click for big free-use picture as are all you find here! as a gift of the gods). You probably have a few points allready!

It is behind the drape at the back which covers the tunnel and enterence into the great secret expance of Qadib. A need fullfilling free paradise of sex and buffets with alchole in some chambers.
worth slipping behind the veil drape to avoid the mad obsessive gaze of the other gods of judgement who are too obsessed with hormonal masturbations of one of there devoteess: thousands of Qadib can slip away silently during the so-called hormonal-human sex-scandels!!

Qadib likes to return the devotees to 5 point it for the others and bring paradise of a type to earth.

And just to note this;  Qadibs hidden paradise is open to all races, all religions, and none, and all genders (including hermaphrodites as many nature plants are), with even there own special chamber areas which are not for everyones interest but do exist somewhere in the laberinthine complex (that has signs by the glory of Qadib lest we all get lost). As for some secret signs of Qadib, beyond those given, more shall follow for the discerning who will it.
(local Qadibis use there own inspired signs a lot)

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