Friday, 11 June 2010

Poor Children's hunger to Pay for Olympic Security London 2012

The British have a predictable consistantcy.
£300 Million Free-School-Meals to Poor-Children cut
to pay for £600 Million Olympic-Security measures - 
or so they vainly hope!

"By Mercia — The millionaire ConDem cabinet has announced plans to halt a proposed extension of free school meals for the children from poor families in Britain while simultaneously undertaking to ring fence and increase the multi-billion pound foreign aid budget. " - link. (500,000 * £600 = £300Mill year)

"Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne (who broke parliamentary expenses rules by claiming for a £450,000 mortgage on his Cheshire farmhouse when it was worth much less, and for a £200 taxi journey between his home and Westminster) is expected to announce the scrapping of the feeding scheme later this month."

"Tory millionaire Education Secretary Michael Gove, who owns million pound houses in London and Surrey, has confirmed that the scheme was deemed “not priority”"

As Blairs WMD $2.1 billion cost of the London Olympic myth the evidence is in Iraq where the UN cant find it. (its more in dollars).
security in the Canadian Vancouver winter olympics cost $833 million dollars,
G-8 G20 cost $900 million. Then again, the olympic costs tend to more than double.

The olympic £9 billion became £12 billion and is suspected to rise to £25 billion (dispite a 27 million 'cut').
That is an orwell-1984 choclate-ration cut.

Vancouver Olympics vs. G8-G20

Vancouver Olympics 2010 winter
17 days
40 kilometres of fencing
900 CCTV cameras
6,000 police brought in from across the country
4,800 contracted private security guards
$833 million (ballpark) cost for security

3 days
3.3 kilometres of fencing in Toronto
77 CCTV cameras (in addition to the 18 already in Toronto)
10,000 police brought in from across country
1,100 contracted private security guards
$900 million — and growing — cost for security - da link.

It is made a bit worse  for the children with big supermarkets like tesco pad-locking the food-disposal bins. Have a nice olympics.

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