Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hyiksos-Jew folklore debunk - plagues of Egypt joke

Each year in africa (more or less) the locust food swarm, from benin and ghana's forests to the west and north, passing the sharara desert of Niger, and along the coast, along north africa to Lybiaa; some times beyong the lybian desert to Egypt as a harest of the flying shrimps that eat the crop: wize are those of Ra who take nets and catch x2 x3 the harvest in locusts!
Great is the gift of Ra.

The nomadic fools who are hick 'princes of desert'', kings of sheep and goats! are allarmed and sit and watch there harvest eaten, and complain and blag, and talk. Some consider Them and their goddess, the better to follow. Some are fickle of set, weak of mind, lacking in the ways of Ma'at, without the light of Ra for illumination.

Gifted are the Hyiksos to leave egypt with such silver and its types of gold! Avarice is there semite lot?. Dangerous is the Ark of the Jew-Hyiks. Great was Prince RaMoses who lead them away. Great is the Sinai desert!
Great the affliction and invasion of the Hyiksos-canaanites under Prince RaMoses.
but Safer is Egypt.
As if that could matter, to a mear Pharaoh?

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