Monday, 14 June 2010

The Idol of the Qadibbers; Great is Qadib of the Hidden; underground faith

Qadib is a masked diety of the shadows who created free sex as well as illusion and mirage. This was due to the mindless stupidity of the other gods who were too drunk to do so.

Qabibbers get heaven points to count towards heaven with Qadib in the event there is a heaven, which Qadib has made a secret hidden chamber behind a drape for Qadibbers who denied publically they were Qadibbers!

Each denial or pretence at worship of some other god counts as one god-token for the Qadibber. Genuine worship of some other god while remembering it is for Qadib counts as 2 tokens. 

Qadibbers who collect spirit tokens are blessed with a dividend of joy and mirth by great Qadib! 

Converting to a religion is reckoned to be worth 3 points of devotion to Qadib, so the more religions the better. Obviously Qadibbers, who might carrry stilletoe daggers for defence, are not expected to actually do anything for the religion of other gods unless for points at pretending publically, an they are not expected to take the cults of mad gods too thick to invent free-sex at all seriously. For they have not the Qadibing wit of Qadib.

The other worship of Qadib, other then fabrication to protect people, is the idol of Qadib that are disquised as women.... and used as an alter. Basically a mindless cunt-hole for cumming in, it is however a pious act of devotion to Qadib worth 5 god-tokens. It is also a type of secret pilgramage.

Already Qadib has blessed you with delight and happyness!

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