Thursday, 17 June 2010

Organized Qadibbing (3 masks, meditation of 4 faces, and pass stones)

Mystical Meditation pictures (& organized Qadibbing)
Not all qadibbers are so organzied.
3 in mask wraps for sex (with idol). (up to 3 at a time)
4 or more for meditation (and un-masked ones with some Qadib shrines).
The pictures are good and informative, magic too.

magic pass stones with rune sysmbols. (these can be given to friends or people for doing a good dead (help and rescue) to allow them into the higher Qadib shrines for a free one with the idol. this might then turn them into Qadibbers too. also known as gift stones. Not necessary but a nice idea.
These can be made by the individual as a replacement one, and are a link to the earth (and Qadib)

the idol should have its face covered which is a sign of Qadib the wize.
You can use your penis to tap 3 or more times upon the idol's pussy before penitration as a Qadib blessing.

islamic sex laws.

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