Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Athiest Neurotics sell out to RomanCatholism/Islam - French Revolution Deist

A Curious issue the Athiests cannot get over (and seek to supress though lies) is the Deist Revolution France!
And its Goddess of Reason, widley accepted by the people.
Soo.. the Atheists over threw the Deists! and Re-Imposed Roman Catholism, leading to the supression of the Deist Goddess (of Reason). Such is Athiest Reason!
Half a brainers cannot seem to get it. As they think supression of history and ignorence of history's lessions will suffice, they are doomed to repeate the same mistakes.
as Jewish-Marx Atheist Communist Socialism hijacked St.Peters Socialist Communism in order to fail for the Athiests again, who are unable to do maths, and keep accurate accounts and account correctly of any census!
due to irrational forces typical of them.(
(relgion and social order are apart of the human brain (same part).
that was just a dream: consider this: Athies Secular wisdom; marx all out. BNP statement of reason, and facts.
Gregorian - Voyage Voyage. youtube.

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