Thursday, 17 June 2010

Convert Room into a mystical Temple! Easy method!

click picture (free-use) for bigger.

Making mystical temple!

1 move table to wall to make a shirne. drape it with sheet
2 flip rug over
3 drape furniture in sheets
3 flip picutures over.
4 remove breakables, distinctives. lock them away safe/ hide them.
5 add image pictures-icons etc (lots upon this site under qadib)
6 Use candles in jars for light at atmosphere. keep away from curtians
7 Draw, cutains
8 have door wedge
9 light insence
10 play exotic music. eg youtube sufi music. 8:50 min.

Wear a strange sheet yourself like a robe with a belt! (after bath/shower wash!)
Wear strange head-dress and mask. a towel over the head with band works.
Pretend you name is different : ie Abud Qadibber, Amat Qadibee etc... err Venus etc.
Unless youknow, you real name is err Abud Qadibber, which it is not.

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