Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy June 21 Solstice 2010 (the henge and Tara links)

Happy June 21 Solstice, the northern Summer Solstice and longest day (and it is the southern winter solstice and shortest day!)

The birds began to announce the arrival of the day and cherp the dawn song at 3:42 am (one hour ahead of the official state dogma). I'm with the birds on this, they are more reliable. It was light enough~ at 4 am to turn off lighting.
Its going to be a long day!

20,000 this year at the henge, down from 36,000 last year. (so how should druids engage with the youth of today? need orgy and nude chicks!).
Drug arrests up from 27 to 34.
(only around 1 in a thousand people, btw)
note: more metal fire-bins for rubbish-lighting needed.

2010 summer solstice at Stone-Henge in picture-fotos. Anorak.
BBC stone-henge 2010. Wiltshire, England UK. old druid monument.

nude picture of the day; iveta 2009 june 21. < last years. nick scipio's nude women site.

Summer Solstice Tara Ireland. general.
Pictures of solstice 2010 Tara ireland. old druid site.

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