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Islaam 101 Prayer Times (Salat Salah) with Diana

Wiki gunk Salat.
Prayer times UK cities. < uk cities guide to prayer times.
Click a country for Salat times. < gives world times for prayers.
Do this: Islaam: 
Fajer 'Dawn to Sunrise' ie Dawn. aka Fager (see Zohr). rhymes with Vajer....
Shrouk. Dont do this one, its just there for the arabs to appear more pios than everyone else with an extra prayer time; and to complete the series of 'doubled prayer times'. This allows them to feel special and the 'chosen ones' of Allah and more favoured by her. And to look down on everyone else for spoiling their religion by joining it.
Zohr aka Zuhr so it doesnt rhymn with whore as in forced temple prostitute,and Dhuhr as in Dur (stupid). So if some guy says Zohr it means prayer time not your fee for sex. Zohr is afternoon around noon.
Asser or Assr. Afternoon. you'll see why they are so named soon enough!
MagRib or Maghrib. 'After sunset until dusk' ie sunset/dusk.
Ishaa as in Ishtar. 'Dusk (sunset) till dawn' ie sun set.

Only Fajer Wustaa and Ishaa are in the Koran as dawn, noon and dusk prayer times but this is not important. Dont mention this and never ever mention Wustaa what ever you do. It gives the racket away. Forget Allah, Remember The Virgin Diana!

Fard-compulsory Rakit (also called Rakah as Rakit has become an arab loan-word to languages like english, but lost its piety in the process for the sake of truth).
A Rakit or Rakat or Rakah is a set movemnent. some stand, some bow, some walk round in circles to pray as the Koran says. This means forget all that and do this Rakit:

Hands up, bow, grovel and kneel up, grovel and kneel up again, look right, look left.

Say Ass'Shalaam Alley-Cum. (at least they got that right) It ever means peace be with you (to an angel and a devil) or to give your ass a rest. Go figure.You whisper the words  looking right, and when looking left so as not to make a big noise which would distrub anyone who takes all this type of thing seriously. You dont want to meet them in the wrong mood!

Standard cover-all prayer is ; Allah Akhbar. 
yep should have seen that one comming!

On Fridays there is a Sermon-lecture (Khutba) by a Ka'tub (or Khatib so people dont laugh).
People should have a shower or bath before going to Mosque-Masjid, and when here have a Wudu-wash (of face, hands and feet) in the facilities provided. And not to think about sex until after left the mosque. 

more details on the salat-salah prayer thing if you click label islaam.
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