Friday, 18 June 2010

Green Lady blessed of Qadib, magic allure

Green is a magical color of allure. Those who ware it are blessed of Qadib! especially women.
Well, it is a color of nature. A magic hidden from view (for most).

color-blind check-site (sight). (Vischeck)
Deuter color-drained/blind image. skimpies. wear green, theys see beige or fleshy tones! neat!
Normal-Color image. skimpies.

relax, police are not nortmally color blind! but up to 10% (maybe 7 or 8 )% white males are color blind to some degree, but only 0.5% of white females. @ 8 % male caucasion there are 3.7% male india subcontinant, and 2.5% male arabs are.

Black-Line skimpy crutch. looks innocent to most.

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