Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Worse World Is Possible! Virgin Diana (Low dopamine, Low oxytocin)

Human Sacrificer Shooter UK ; legally held guns. Tornonto star.
"The British man who killed 12 people Wednesday was a licensed gun owner and had guns registered in his name, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday.
"We know that Derrick Bird was a licensed firearms holder, and police are now investigating whether the licences covered the firearms that were seized," Cameron said, responding to a question about whether the government would introduce tougher gun laws in response to the shootings."

British Taxi-Driver crashes car, shoots up the neighbourhood! Loses living, no citizen income, joins the human scrifical list. He was divorced and even when enslaved and not free might also have had low dopamine and low oxytocin sex levels. He is blessed of Diana the Virgin and through him she has blessed Cumbria UK.

Cumbria-uk shooter Blasted away his twin-brother first. mistaken identity again?
Heroic Netty sucessfully defends yIsrael from Humanitarian-Relief shipping. The Defence of the Jewish States survival was at stake. phew, close call there though. Who needs high-oxytocin anyway?

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