Monday, 18 January 2010

2 Baal Temple, Outer-Court yard pig-farm

The outer courtyard as it is known is area 1. (the inner is for slut fucking around and in the High-Place).

a temple of nature.

Not so much a house of prayer but a merchants den, some dossers, nude area (as the entire temple of baal is for the brave), and pig pens for recycling organic waste and household scraps in the swill bins. A city farm. and piglet racing.
note: wolves should be kept on a lead, and horses tied to a pillar.
elephants, if they can fit in, should be not be left unattended.
its ok for chickens and piglets to run around but not bulls or lions or boars.
cow is ok. (warm fresh milk).

In time the walls will be painted with gods and goddesses as shrines for candles and incense and prayer.

One of the earlyer halls can be for tranquil meditations.
relatively. especially nude meditation. It is a hall of silence - no speaking.
The other hut, on the right can be an alchole selling bar-pub, called 'The Pigs Head' with another bar called 'Baal's Bar'. moonshine, hard liquer, contraband, smugglers rum etc. should have strippers, mujra-dancers, nude bellydancers and topless bar staff. exotic.

general good pig-meat selling area, pagan products, occult bizzar, insence mongers and hawkers. Fortune tellers.

Baal was the good shephard. some times in the form of a ram, like Baal Hammon sometimes was (like Amon-Ra of egypt). Baal would also make a good pig-herder.

pig farming. article.
Needs a few olive and fig trees etc.
feel free to feed the doves of astarte.

at the far end are 2a hut of Baal Peor, 2a hut of the Ashtaroth baalat'im and the enterence to the slut sanctuary and high-place of Baal.

letting of steam: in the temple of baal.


Jesus Christ SuperStar:
times change: (is Zurvan the mistress of all?)
Temple and the Lepers 1973, sexy open-leg pantys; the overturner of tables; blame the jews, 'leave me alone'. better.
Temple and the Lepers 2000, prudey; son of pandera, blame the arabs, 'heal yourselves'. neo-c0n & feminist spite version (sexual repression progression).
also fake. worse.

Note: the original can be the best. later progressions and evolution the fake cash-in capitalist junk spin offs.
more temple music: dawn noon dusk etc. (chemosh)
In the Temple of Silence. german.
Krishna Rema. tranqil background music. more: Radha Krishna.
Krishna leea, female sings.

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