Saturday, 30 January 2010

Moveing the Dome of the Rock to Gaza Airport

How to move the Dome of the Rock and a lump of the rock plus dome of the chain etc from Moriah Jerusalem to Gaza international airport and Kerem Shalom Crossing - with extra security wall around it.


This will not be the stealth approach to removals but the 1967-again plus the throwing in of an intifada or two for good measure as a part of the offering. Also requires the building of an international outrage theatre and some type of threat-o-meter.

For such is not the temple of Aphrodite, nor is it a socialist state, but know that they are all driven whores of capitalism instead and exclusive. Such is the path of the prude diana (only the free sex is excluded; they consider this malice to be virtue;it follows non-malice is then considered a sin by them).
This might wait 8 years ie to 2018 to coincide with the stringing up of ayatollahs.

if it can be built it can be moved or unbuilt.

gaza strip map... air port allows easy access for offended islamic pilgrims to the shrine.

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