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King Herod's Temple, temple mount, jerusalem

Herod's Temple, Jerusalem.

a number of sources indicate a lower location than the Dome of the Rock!

theories over its location article.

its Lower Location indicators:

Mishna Hulda-Gates.
"The Hulda Gates were the primary access to the Temple area from the south. According to the Mishna, the difference in heights between the Hulda Gates and the Holy of the Holies was approximately 10 meters, with about 39 m between the entrance to the Temple mount and the level of the Temple itself. The traditional Dome of the Rock proposals require 20 meters and 80 m separations.

The current assumptions regarding Hulda Gate tunnels are not mentioned in the ancient sources. The discrepancies suggest a lower, ...location."

this means the dome of the rock is too high (and is the hightest part of temple mount).

Flavius-Obscured View of temple.
"Josephus Flavius describes the fact that the Bizita Hill (Golgotha?) was located north of the Temple Mount and obscured the view of the Temple from the north.

If the Temple stood at the Dome of the Rock, it would be visible from as far away as the town of Ramallah. In order to obscure the view from the north, it would have to be at a lower level"

Water-Course. it innt flowing uphill rabbi.
"A survey of the level of the aqueduct reveals that if the Temple had been located at the same elevation as the present Dome of the Rock shrine, the aqueduct would be over 20 meters too low to serve either the Azarah or the Water Gate."

"In fact, Tuvia's recent research suggests the Dome site may have been originally a Canaanite High Place with tombs beneath, and later (until the reforms of Josiah) the location of an Ashoreh pillar."

a Dome of the Tablets?
"The Mt. Moriah bedrock outcrops within the Dome of Rock, as is well known. Although the bedrock elevation drops sharply to the south in the direction of the City of David, the level of the bedrock is just beneath the paving stones for over 100 meters to the North of the Dome of the Rock shrine. One particular level outcropping of this bedrock lies under a small Islamic shrine known as "The Dome of the Tablets" or "The Dome of the Spirits," to the Arabs. Both names suggest an association with the Jewish Temples. It is under this small, unimpressive canopy supported by pillars that Dr. Kaufman locates the Temple site."

jooz found making priestly garments for cohon'im priests. youtube.
kohan'im levi conference youtube.
by the horns of baal! temple harps being made for harpists to play.
Rabbi Richman introduces the two Bezichin...
more vessels....of the temple.
sacrificial altar building (to be moved to temple later).

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