Monday, 18 January 2010

Ekron Tel Miqne Eqron pentapolis filistia Olive Oil

Ekron-Eqron (Tel Miqne) is west of Jerusalem and was of the pentapolis of Filistia.

It was a huge olive oil producer, exporting 400 tons a year to Assyria-syrian overlords.

infamous for the Lord of the Flying; BaalzeBub. He had an Ashera who was one of the ashtaroth goddesses.
Ptgyh or Ptnyh that is varient Potgyah of Potneyah or the Mistress of Animals/aka Potnia.
...sure. anyways...

The pun over lord of the flies.
this relates to the canaanite-hyksos composite short-bow or horseback-bow which was a killing machine. hup hup! This allowed them to raid even delta-lower-Egypt! It was made from the Baal Bull, horns-inner and tendon-sinew-outer over the mango-type tree-frame. with horse-tail string rope. so the pun related also the the arrow fired from horse back. Lethal at 100m, much later ones could range 7 football fields. And they moved across the rance of sight making it hard for the slower sling-shot (3f long, 6 feet unfolded) to hit - or stone-chuckers (children learn fast!), and could out-distance the strong infantry and circle them no matter how good they were at melee; they would never get the chance. The Lord was his strength...Exit King Saul at Gilboa.

Palestinian olive oil today.
holy land olive oil suppliers! good for them.
its expensive.
also ceramics store. or partners in USA.

julie london, bye bye blackbird. youtube. sleezey.
shriley bassey, bye bye blackbird. & my life. powerful
peggy lee, bye bye blackbird. reflective.

only if you are allowed to watch by your king-mlk and slaver the slave-owner; so only for the free; like in mexico and brazil...mistress of animals vid...

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