Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Basic Provision of Collective Society to people-Nation

Basic provision of needs of the collective population of the people-Nation.

As not done by criminal occupation forces or their slaves.

We are: Can Do, Did Do.
You are: Can't Do, Didn't Do.

These word above were in: English Language.

for remedial help with a second language comprehension see Chimp=Train Unit.

UTV feed milk/meat making cattle-22 found starved to death Northern Ireland Armagh, UK/Eire. 2 shot (cattle).
Mrs Gildernew said vets found 16 dead cows, one dead bull, and one dead calf in one building.

"The carcases were emaciated and no feed or water appeared to be available. It appears the animals died from starvation and water deprivation.

"In another house four young cattle were found dead and one animal had to be destroyed.

More cattle were found in a field and in a poor condition, and one of them had to be put down.

"Immediate actions have been taken to secure feed and water for the animals left alive," Mrs Gildernew said.

In a separate incident, the USPCA said vets accompanied by PSNI officers discovered a shocking scene of cruelty and neglect as they visited a farm near Gilford Co. Armagh.

"To date four horses have been found dead, the farm is being depopulated of equine livestock, with approximately 12 neglected animals being removed to a place of safety by the USPCA," the charity fighting against equine cruelty said.

Another separate incident of cruelty was reported last weekend in the Hillsborough area."



"Twenty-two cattle have been found dead on a County Armagh farm, the Department of Agriculture has said.

Two other animals had to be put down on the farm near Darkley following what Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew described as a horrific incident.

In a separate incident, four dead thoroughbred horses were found on a farm near Gilford, also County Armagh.

Two others had to be put down by USPCA officers. They are removing 13 other horses from the farm.

In the Darkley incident, Department vets made the horrific discovery in farm buildings on Monday.

Ms Gildernew described the latest incident as "a dreadful case which obviously involved much suffering by a large number of animals".

"A full investigation will be carried out and all possible help and treatment will be offered to the surviving cattle," she said.

"The vets found 18 dead cattle in one building. The carcases were emaciated and no feed or water appeared to be available. It appears the animals died from starvation and water deprivation.

"In another house four young cattle were found dead and one animal had to be destroyed.""

'Your search - cattle armagh eire - did not match any documents.

Suggestions:' It belongs to the UK.

did the children fair: better than; or worse then?

DUP conservative-capitalist Unionists welcome serial girl-molester back:

A self-confessed sex abuser has been secretly allowed back into the DUP — in the latest scandal to rock the party.

Pervert fruit farmer Brian Hutchinson, 42, was voted in as party treasurer in Armagh even though he assaulted a 15-year-old girl for more than a year.

The married dad of five sensationally quit the DUP in 2002 after his litany of twisted abuse was exposed.

But Sunday Life revealed that he is back in the organisation in a high-profile position controlling party cash.

A DUP spokesman admitted: “The Party acted on this matter in 2002.

“Mr Hutchinson withdrew from the party and his council position.

“In 2008 he rejoined the party and is the current treasurer of our Armagh branch.

“The Party will be making no further comment on this matter.”

Confirmation that Hutchinson has rejoined party ranks will be yet another blow to the DUP — still reeling over the Iris Robinson cash and sex scandal.

The revelation also comes as embattled Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams is under fire for his handling of child abuse allegations facing his younger brother Liam.

Garden centre manager Hutchinson told us yesterday: “I’m just trying to put all that behind me and get on with party work.”

Hutchinson — whose late father Dougie helped found the DUP and was once Ian Paisley’s right-hand man — was booted out of the party in September 2002 after his teen assaults came to light.

He received a police caution for indecent assault — which involves admitting your guilt — and was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.

Hutchinson was voted in as DUP treasurer of the Armagh branch just one year after his name came off the list.

The party and Hutchinson have insisted he was not in the party in an official role until after his name was removed from the Sex Offenders’ Register.

But yesterday Hutchinson admitted he was invited to DUP bashes in Armagh before he was taken off.

He confessed: “I was at dinners at the area and DUP events from 2002 to 2008.”

Hutchinson, from Woodview, Co Armagh, pleaded that the matter be laid to rest

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/dup-welcomed-sex-abuser-brian-hutchinson-back-to-party-14650530.html#ixzz0dlSQ488l
"But it emerged he’d been groping his 15-year-old prey for more than a year before he was rumbled.

His systematic abuse only came to light when the under-age girl finally plucked up the strength to tell her mum.

After she exposed Hutchinson, he was back behind the counter of his large nursery business in Co Armagh, which he still runs. [This allows him access to children]

at least we didnt mention pedophillia/nambla-subjects fantasy-fetish talk/accusation as; non-acceptance side of such fantasy-talk, acceptance-of side of hot-talk (need for cover up!!! NEED TO COVER UP!!! err... side). That makes two sides.
point of druidic-biological scientific-order. at 15 she should have been hot for multiple cocks and fucking up her cunt if she was not hostile to adult-sex.

Child Poverty:
Socialist State: zero %
Capitalist State Scotland: 10%

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