Sunday, 17 January 2010

3 Jezebel YzbL's Temple, the abomination !

the Jezebel!

The abomination that causes desolation was the sacrifice of a pig.

but this is ok to the gentiles of some such.

and the sex of nature free and fee-also.

Cart'hago-Carthage returns to the 3rd Temple. It will endure the temple battles and denial, ignore-ance and delusion; and the sacrifices which are made until the Meshiach makes the 4th where it should be. then only fools are sacrificed.

tempe mount gnosis.
very Kinky sex. with Jezebel Dahl.
Paul explains that "the natural use" of women is to act as sexual objects for the pleasure of men. 1:27
this is biologicaly true, that the cunt belongs to all men who wish to use it.
its good science. (a woman needs more than one man taking turns up her, and their cum in her cunt. this is why men have guard sperm). It is the will of Baal.

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