Monday, 11 January 2010

Diana of Yisrael; תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹTel Aviv yIsreal تل أبيب

The Diana of Yisrael;
the white city of Tel Aviv
תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ. aka Tall Abib (arabic), Yaffo, Jaffa (archaic joppah).

Tel Aviv arose around the ancient port city of Jaffa-Joppah as the Jewish district; later merged into one City in 1950 ce. (Jaffa had become arab over time). Due to the building of many white buildings it is also known as the white city.

Immigration problems:
Modern Tel Aviv ghetto. not what you expect.
refugees turn away by Nation of yIsrael... fleeing persicution.
Negro ghetto in Lewinsky park (not clinton's cigar wetter).
am yisrael chai. people of isreal live, graffiti...
mount hermon almost upskirt picture-foto...
devient Pride Parade, Tel Aviv israel. 2009

history gunk:
world Zionist Congress, wiki data. established yIsreal 1948.
Tel Aviv wiki data. map of yisreal, part.

Israel hitler-youth movement! (punk as it gets)
russian neo-nazis youtube
СКИНХЕДЫ. music. white russia.
Olim hitler-youth...Time mag article.

"More than 1 million former Soviet citizens flooded into Israel in the 1990s, taking advantage of the Law of Return to escape the calamitous economic collapse [Capitalism] that accompanied the demise of the Soviet Union. According to sociologists, nearly one-third of those immigrants have no deep sense of Jewish culture or identity [or paid work/future]. "The young Russian immigrants feel lost here," says Sergei Makarov, historian of Israel's Russian community. "They come from poor families who expected to be appreciated as loyal Jews when they arrived here," he says, adding, "Instead, they found themselves with no jobs and no recognition from the Israelis. They became bitter and frustrated. The neo-Nazi agenda fits them very well."

The alienated young men channeled their anger by linking up with neo-Nazi groups back in Russia. A ringleader, Eli "the Nazi" Buatinov, told his gang from the working-class neighborhoods of Petah Tikvah, a bustling town near Tel Aviv...

Read more:,8599,1861641,00.html#ixzz0cMuS16Or" .

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