Monday, 18 January 2010

3 Baal Temple; Goddesses shrine Baalat-Ashtaroth

area 2b is forseen by prophets of baal as a goddess den.

Here are shrines to Asherah, Astarte too, Ashtarot and her readings of destiny and its alteration.

Their shrine is a place of sex and sexual things.
it is also for girl-girl fun and dyke lesbian too foreplay events and hedonism.
yes, Astarte can!

and a place of learing some of the sexual arts.
The sexual practices are offerings to the goddesses, the Ashtaroth or baalat'im.
These include Astarte of the Star, Tanit of the Moon, Anat the strider over mountains and rescuer of Baal Haddad, and hopefully to Mannat of destiny too.

they will also do dancing in joy and delight.

it is open to all as the gods should be.

nude woman Kira and dead pig art display. most welcome!
the upstairs is a dyke moon-gazing and sun-bathing garden with diana of Efez of the amazons...

The cooking of asherah cakes to the queen of heavens and probably pork stew etc could happen around this shrine for the hungry pilgrim.

lezzing it.... getting her ready for visit to Baal Peor... kissy... sucky-fucky...
more temple music:
Enya, Rivers Song. delight in nature.
Krishna Leela.
kama suthra talk video, hindi.

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