Friday, 15 January 2010

Jewish Yahweh-Temple Vessels today!

Like the Temple of Solomon!

the Temple Institute artifax for the new Temple to be on temple mount, Jerusalem.

Holocaust Altar of Fire and sacrifice. ie the kosher slaughter house. Jews collect rocks to remake altar of fire. July-Aug 2009.
The sacrificial altar was located in the center of the Temple, and upon it the Kohanim (priests) offered the numerous voluntary and obligatory sacrifices commanded in the Bible."

"“Unfortunately, we cannot currently build the altar in its proper place, on the Temple Mount,” Temple Institute director Yehudah Glick said. “We are building an altar of the minimum possible size so that we will be able to transport it to the Temple when it is rebuilt.""

yes they could rebuilt it in its former place.

"Even a minimum size altar will work out to be approximately 2 meters tall, 3 meters long, and 3 meters wide. Workers have collected around 10 cubic meters of rocks weighing several tons already.

The rocks were gathered from the Dead Sea area and wrapped individually to assure they remain whole and are not touched by metal, as the Bible requires.

“The Torah says that no iron tools should be used on the altar’s stones,” Glick explained."

"The stones will be cemented together with a mixture of sand, clay, tar, and asphalt. Researchers from the Temple Institute visited the Finish glass factory near Yerucham to learn how to create a mixture which would remain as cool as possible under the altar’s unremitting fires and protect the Kohanim, who always worked in the Temple barefoot.

Glick said that Tisha B’av, a day associated with mourning, is really the ideal time to begin to build the Temple. “People mistakenly think Tisha B’av is only a day to cry,” he explained. “It also has to be a day of action. We have the ability in our era to begin the construction of the Temple.""

"The Temple Institute is searching for donations to help build the altar, which will cost around NIS 100,000 (approximately $26,000)."

How it costs even Jews that much to collect rocks and put them together is one of the wonders and mysterys of zion.

High-Priest of Jews attire: His golden crown is ready. This one is better than the earlier one as it can be ajusted to fit. July 2007
"( The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announces the completion of the Tzitz, the High Priest's headplate - now ready for use in the Holy Temple.

The tzitz is made of pure gold, was fashioned over the course of a more than a year by the craftsmen of the Temple Institute, and is ready to be worn by the High Priest in the rebuilt Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The words "Holy for G-d" are engraved on the headplate, in accordance with Exodus 28:36. "

"Legal Aspects: Impurity and Hekdesh
Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, Director of the Institute, explained some of the Halakhic [Jewish legal] aspects of the fashioning of the vessels for the Temple. "For one thing," he said, "they are made in impurity - for now we are impure, and will remain impure until we are able to have a Red Heifer whose ashes can be used in the Torah-prescribed purification ceremony. If no Red Heifer is available, then the High Priest must even serve in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur in a state of impurity."

Not yet consectred.
"However, to gain the actual status of hekdesh, we similarly make it clear that this does not happen until the vessel is actually brought in to the Temple Mount for use in the Temple. This means that someone can try on and measure the headplate, for example, without worrying that he is benefiting in any way from something that has been consecrated to the Temple.""

youtube high-priest of jews golden crown. The T'zitz.

Temple Vessels gallery. including Menorah genie lamp, table of manna show-bread for priests to eat lunch (bring your own filling and lumps of cooked meat from the offerings), the great altar of insence, harps horns and lots. and shovels.

temple institute, wiki data.

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