Saturday, 16 January 2010

Temple of Baal-Jupiter Jerusalem, Court of Gentiles

The Temple of Baal-Jupiter in Jerusalem, built by the Romans.

The overlay of the BaalBek Lebanon temple of baal-jupiter matches the north-south part of the temple mount in Jerusalem with 1 being the temple of jupiter and 4 being the shrine of baal.

The temple of jupiter became a church later on, and then a mosque, with the dome of the rock 4 being rebuilt by a caliph as an islamic shrine.

"A similar temple, built by the same builder at about the same time, has been discovered at Baalbek, Lebanon.

The Roman architectural practices of the time featured a rectangular basilica, and a polygon structure opposite a courtyard. When this architecture is overlaid on the Temple Mount, it matches the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock exactly.

This unique architectural similarity suggests that the Roman Temple to Jupiter may have been on this very site, converted for Christian purposes in the 4th Century, and then served as the foundation for the present Moslem structures, the Al Aqsa Mosque an the Dome of the Rock, which were built in the 7th Century. "

other things:
"Jerome's commentary on Isaiah mentions an equestrian statue of the Emperor Hadrian being placed directly over the site of the Holy of the Holies."
this was after the distruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 ad;
"It was in fact leveled to the ground on the 9th day of the month of Av in 70 C.E."

"These black-and-white images taken from the original false-color IR scanner images clearly reveal a pentagonal ancient foundation under the Dome."
This was probably the Temple of Baal and Astarte of Ahab and Jezebels time.

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