Friday, 22 January 2010

Shrine to Nature

Setting the captives free;
Shrine to Nature.

chick has two guys, one each end.
sexy is there for sex. thats what it means.

pissing on rocks helps moss to grow. only on rocks though.

aka the gateways of the Baal Temple.
A place of peace and harmony and guard sperm collectors via pussy.

(for those religions that demonify pre-existing pagan cults, context is needed as was apart of their ascent in the gods market. But nature is eternal. misanthropic Satan is an agent of evil EL the enemy of humans; that is of God and his lit. QC court and therefor a monster of El to be opposed by pro-human Baal and virgin Anat as usual). QED.

as virgin ment also unmarried as in 'an unmarried woman shall conceive and birth emmanual' who ever he was ie alma or maiden this means Anat was unmarried at least yet Baal Haddad was her lover. also QED, it does make sence.
such types of virgin births therefore do occur as the majority of live births.

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