Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tears of Ianna; The Diana of America. 1wtc not Freedom Tower

The Diana of America !
not a tower of freedom.
1 world trade centre aka freedom tower.

Tears of Ianna.
the curious building going up include the water works memorial set in the foot prints of the twin towers of the fallen wtc.
The water garden reflects the mass of tears of flooding and falling into the big black pit of grief.
this is an excellent allegory and symbolism feature.

Jew York, Jew York!

"Former New York Governor George Pataki faced accusations of cronyism for supposedly using his influence to get the winning architect's bid picked as a personal favor for a close friend.[63]

Tower of Terror:

The base of the tower (fortified because of security concerns) has also been a source of controversy. A number of critics (notably Deroy Murdock of the National Review) have suggested that it is alienating and dull, and reflects a sense of fear rather than freedom, leading them to dub the project "the Fear Tower."[64][65] Nicolai Ouroussoff, the architecture critic for the New York Times, calls the tower base decorations a "grotesque attempt to disguise its underlying paranoia".[66]

1 world trade centre. wiki data links.
national sept 11 memorial and museum.
national sept 11 memorial and museum at the world trade center.

street level walkaround, may 2009. youtube.
911 twin-towers wtc. impacts.
firecrews inside the wtc. other tower collapses, gets dusty.
window washers on building infront of wtc... nice try fellas.
community jog. contains 'oh shit oh shit'. airplane wheel hub in street one.
long shot of first tower collapse.
not an inside job: as sahab (AQ); 911-hijacker flight-175 al Ghamdi martyr video.

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