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Yerushaláyim-Jerusalem-AL Quds Shabbat-City

Yerushaláyim-Jerusalem-Al Quds-YeruShalim. yIsrael-Filistine.

dangers of the old city.
Dress Code:
The dress code inside the ultra-orthodox jewish neighborhoods such as Mea-Shearim is strictly observed. Men should cover their heads, as well as married women. Women should wear long skirts and long sleeves blouses. Anyways, at the entrance of all ultra-orthodox neighborhoods you will be warned not to enter in immodest dress. Any transgression in dress and behavior may be met with shouting. If this occurs, you should better leave the quarter at once. Any escalation could lead to violence. "

Motorists are not allowed to drive on Shabbat through the streets of the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods such as Mea-Shearim. Any desecration of the jewish Shabbat might be met with shouting and in some cases even violence such as stoning. "
This means the Shabbat-Sabbath, which is saturday;, but begins night-fall friday eve, and end infact on night-fall saturday eve. so friday night, saturday daylight.

bait and switch scam
bought two scarves in the old city. The vendor put them in a black plastic bag -- so I thought.

Fortunately I checked the bag and it was stuffed with old rags.

I made such a fuss that he was afraid the cops would come. He gave me the scarves and half my money back "

Parking problems..
"The streets are narrow and parking is difficult if next to impossible; I found that the best place to park is if you enter either through Jaffa Gate or Zion Gate and take a right down the Armenian Patriarchate Road, following it as it curves along the perimeter wall toward the Jewish Quarter (not too far a drive inside). Close to the Western Wall you'll find a fairly large parking lot. It gets pretty full there but it's by far your best and safest bet for parking, especially if it's going to be overnight. We even left a suitcase in the trunk of our car for several days and it was fine. We also found the cost to be reasonable, considering the location: around $10 a day."

Jerusalem has always been a volatile city and it's best if you are always aware of your surroundings. it was a young women with an uzi across her chest as she herded a small group of school children throught he streets that reminded me there could be danger. "

false guides of the night.
You don't want to be in the old city when it gets dark. You will get lost (especially without a map). Forget about asking the way. Some people might be helpful, but most send you the wrong way!

Also watch out you get sunburnt very easily here!"

Jerusalem wiki data.
picture-fotos of old city gates....
Haredim (ultra-orthodox jew cult) riots on Shabbat-sabat-sabbath. aug 2009.
Saturday Haredi protests, stoning cars/pounding cars etc. dec 2009.
couple on sabbat. Jerusalem.

The dome of the rock [gold-domed octagonal building] was built on the foundations of the roman temple of Jupiter-Baal by a Caliph as the Prophet Mohammed of Islam and Hanfiya slept on the rock and recieved suras of the Quran during his night journey to Jerusalem.

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