Saturday, 2 January 2010

Denial points to true ethics (or grief avoidance)

well it has its place in the circle of things.
also used to avoid grief = safety protocol.
very wise.
which is a problem for: slaves.
not problem for : the free.

so the denial points to true ethics of Free.

true free avoids need of denial
ie denial avoidance though ethical in practice.

some girlfriend giving suck-cock to complete strangers.
so she is willing and functional for sex. this is his whole (natural) point in having her. therefore it is good. (soo much better then a nun, yess?).

33%+ women have no-strings sex.
A study released last week by internet site Dating Direct found that more than one in three single women confessed meeting someone for no strings attached (NSA) sex." - Link.
I love getting drunk and finding strange men for sex, in my opinion they have been the best sex cos i love the risks and it is more daring because im also having sex outside like on the beach seeing people walk past it makes me feel very very excited, i have also had sex on some grass in very open space i just love the way it makes me feel, so i prefer sex with strangers than in a relationship Louise Fox, bognor regis, west sussex, uk, 22/7/2008 12:53

get your protest hoodies! High Visability White, hood against CCTV, pyschological warfare deployment. suitable for flag burnings, riots, protests, marches, etc.
best to be arrested wearing one of these designs, with it uploaded to youtube etc and a blog too.

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