Monday, 18 January 2010

4 Baal Temple ; Sodomy-shrine of Baal Peor & wc

area 2a is forseen to be the shrine area of Baal Peor and wc, flower roofed garden and memmorial to Sodom and Gomorrah distroyed by evil EL.

Baal Peor was the jordanian-moabite god of the southern dead-sea area and the salt-farms.

He is a baal of healing, a rephraim, often though soothsaying discernment of exrement as to the state of health of the human; often recommending a salt bath or use of a salt-solution potion upon afflicted areas.

Baal Peor is as the sun and the moon, appearing as both the sun god Shemesh and moon goddess Tanit. This has a kabbalistic connection for those interested. It is a mystery of Baal Peor, who was often served by tranvestite priest(esses).

excrement, urine, slippy oil and strong insence are all offerings made to Baal Peor. The experience is the practice, the honoring in deeds. It is natural fertilizer for the flowers to grow, henna, produce fruit-bushes.

Sodomy, usually of women, is a ritual practice and favoured devotional acts.
This is said to give magical insights.
He also cures constipation with toys-battons or with his penis or those of his priestesses...

the will of a god.

ingenious way of attempting to cure homosexual males... with a pig. for those who seek the healing.

pissing... suck-fuck-sodo... ass-sodo anal chick...
more temple music:
farshit turab. arabic.

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