Saturday, 16 January 2010

3rd Temple Site, Higher of Lower game?

The new to-be Temple in Jerushalem?

but where upon the Temple mount?

ah this is a game that is played of auto-true. This means obviously true as apposed to lies and myth and deception of strange dishonesty. yes it does.

East gate alignment east west.

c/o Dr Kaufman.
"There are three principal conjectures as to the original, and hence the FUTURE Temple location.
1. Northern Location aligned with the East Gate (North of the Dome of the Rock) placing the Holy of Holies over the Dome of the Tablets/Spirits. aka Yerida.
--as supported by Dr. Asher Kaufman and
The House of Yahweh.
2. Central or Traditional Location (Dome of the Rock) placing the Holy of Holies over the As-Sakhrah. aka Aliyah.
--as supported by Traditional Judaism, Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, etc.
3. Southern Location (South of the Dome of the Rock) placing the Holy of Holies over the Al Kas fountain
--as supported by Dr. Bagatti, Tuvia Sugiv, etc."

all bids in, let the barter begin!

build as they will or would subject to the will of alah. for the Lord will be honored anyway.

there is room for more than one temple there, as was and will be i hope.

65% Israeli's want Temple built. southern-ites.
It was a talbanacle in the deserts of the hebrew-Hibiru nomads... so they say.
Temple Institute news. central-ites.
they cant find a red baal anywhere. ahh yess....
squidoo temple blog.
- 1997 Melody, a red heifer born at the kibbutz Kfar Hassidim near Haifa, was disqualified (because of white hairs on the tail).
- 2002 The Jews had a red heifer, born in 2002 in Jerusalem, but was disqualified.

A non-profit group was wanting to send red cattle to Israel (from America) for the reason of getting an unblemished red heifer. But efforts have been on hold.

It has now been revealed that Israeli scientists have apparently 'cracked' the genetic code for producing a pure Red Heifer. Whether it's been born or not is not revealed.
Haaretz Article - Oct. 2008"
organze your religion software.

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