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King of the Jews; The Moshiach Messiah 101 משיחMLK

King of the Jews the Moshiach Messiah, משיח , מלך המשיח, Mélekh ha-Mashíaẖ, Méleḵ hamMāšîªḥ, MLK.

Messiah (Hebrew: משיח‎; mashiah, moshiah, mashiach, or moshiach, ("anointed [one]") is a term used in the Hebrew Bible to describe priests and kings, who were traditionally anointed with the holy anointing oil as described in Exodus 30:22-25. For example, Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia, though not a Hebrew, is referred to as "God's anointed" (Messiah) in the Bible.

In Jewish eschatology, the term came to refer to a future Jewish King from the Davidic line, who will be "anointed" with holy anointing oil and rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age (ie the age in which a messiah rules QED). In Standard Hebrew, The Messiah is often referred to as מלך המשיח, Mélekh ha-Mashíaẖ (in the Tiberian vocalization pronounced Méleḵ hamMāšîªḥ), literally meaning "the anointed king." more info wiki link.

Today, the various Jewish denominations have sharp disagreements about the nature of the Messiah and the Messianic Age, with some orthodox groups holding that the Messiah will be a person and other femminist groups holding that the Messiah is a representation of the Messianic Age itself (which occurs when the messiah king is returned to his throne).[citation needed well as in they do; it means some groups think the messiah will be a peron but others dont]

Traditional and current Orthodox thought have mainly held that the Messiah will be the anointed one (messiah), descended from his father through the Davidic line of King David, who will gather the Jews back into the Land of Israel and usher in an era of peace.[" This will exclude joke jews ofcourse (as in yous cans go fucks yourself as in as much as a goddess is ables to like put in the penis she doesnt have into herself but is envious of as fraud explanded to psychiatric students)

When he arrives people will look to the jews guidence in how to fuck up; Zechariah 8:23.
The whole world* will worship the One God of Israel (Isaiah 2:11-17) this offer does not extent to muslims, pagans, hindus, buddhists, wiccans, shinto, Taoist, Confucian, voodoo, athiests or native tribal tradional reglionists ..
*the word world is defiened as in statements subsections 4d and 5f as Isaiah is expected to have known off. Other lands beyond his awareness, of which there are a great many, are not included..

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