Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Fallen and oh Legion

"The video shows Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi sitting next to the current commander of the Pakistani Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud. In the tape, Balawi says he intends to avenge the killing of former Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud."
link.... yess? noo? unsure?

taliban commander dies avoiding arrest.pakistan.
The alleged Taliban commander resorted to firing and later hurled hand grenade, however, the grenade exploded before the time which resulted in killing of commander Irfan and injuring two policemen. The injured police personnel were identified as Abid and Imran who were rushed to Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar for emergency medical treatment.
Talking to journalist SHO Mattni Police station Amir Sultan said that commander Irfan and his two brothers identified as Bilal and Saifullah were wanted by police in various crime cases and they launched operation in the area on Saturday morning."

Jew hybrids of Jerusalmem. Jerusalem post, israel. until the cover-up.
Are the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan descendants of an Israelite tribe that migrated across Asia after it was exiled over 2,700 years ago? " No they are Aryan been there 40,000 years as signifired in their aryan language and affinity with iran." The aryan linguistics of pashtu is basic...

soo... this song sounds Aryan to jewish ears in israel ?, they might be adulterated-semites though in interpretation... but it is not aryan to arabiyan-peninsualar unadulterated-ears? yess? noo? unsure?
not semite? is ok.
This arabic song sounds semite to arabiyan ears as not-adulterated-semites. to pretend-israel too? yess? noo? unsure? israel thinks it could be Aryan?

USA to reconcile with Taliban victors. boot licking usa. might belive their jewish masters yess? noo? yes-no? unsure? how different.

The Legion is Sure! (by baal-jupiter! to whom the temple of Yahweh fell!)
and Duag shall guide them to victory.

temple of Baal-Jupiter, a colossal enigma. you can piss off the true gods to a point.

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